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  • REVIEW: “2018 Salt Lake Design Week!”

    REVIEW: “2018 Salt Lake Design Week!”

    The 2018 Salt Lake Design Week was incredible! In the past, I haven’t attended much outside of the keynote, which is always incredible within itself! Below are the reviews of the events I attended an what I took away from them! Enjoy! Chip Kidd – Book Jackets I Have Known and Loved Wednesday, October 3…

  • REVIEW: “Hall Of Breakfast”

    REVIEW: “Hall Of Breakfast”

    Tonight, Dylan attended a meetup with the Salt Lake City Graphic Designers group! at the HALL OF BREAKFAST  (HOB) currently open at The Gateway. For the event, we received free admission to explore the entire space, take photos and enjoy the installation! Following our adventures, we all gathered in the ball pit, yes a ball…