YOUR CRE8TIVITY: “Blog Update!”

Before we start rolling with the interviews on Wednesdays in January 2016, We wanted to let everyone know the questioning format, our list upcoming guests and a way that you can be part of the process. So, here we go…

The YOUR CRE8TIVITY interviews will consist of 8 interview questions. The first 4 of which will remain the same for all guest and the second 4 personalized for that guest. We will be exploring where they got started, favorite projects and who has inspired them.

For our first guest, we have selected internationally known mentalist Paul Draper. After Paul, we have have actress Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks), comedian-announcer Steve Soelberg, artist Chris Bodily (aka Hatrobot) and UK logo designer / letterer Will Paterson. We are always working on additional guests. Look for announcements.

Lastly, we want to involve you, our audience. We will be taking submissions for bonus question(s) to ask our guests via Twitter. #yourcre8tivity #askcre8tivity


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