REVIEW: “Abstract, The Art Of Design” (Netflix)

Last weekend, while working on various design projects, I had this incredible documentary series from Netflix on! Each episode focuses on a different design industry and a specific profession from that industry.

Christopher Neimann

Tinker Hatfield: Footwear Design
I am not a big shoe person by any extent but I find the world’s fascination with them very interesting. Hearing details about the Air Jordan line and the struggle to keep each new one fresh was very informative. They also dicussed the self-lacing shoes in Back The Future II and it’s continuing question to become an actual reality.

Es Devlin: Stage Design

Bjarke Ingels: Architecture

Ralph Giles: Automotive Design

Paula Scher: Graphic Design

It’s no surprise that episode is where I had the strongest connection.

Platon: Photography

Ilse Crawford: Interior Design



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