REVIEW: “Hall Of Breakfast”

Tonight, Dylan attended a meetup with the Salt Lake City Graphic Designers group! at the HALL OF BREAKFAST  (HOB) currently open at The Gateway. For the event, we received free admission to explore the entire space, take photos and enjoy the installation! Following our adventures, we all gathered in the ball pit, yes a ball pit to listen to the co-founders and artists of the project talk about it development, inspiration and execution, followed by a Q&A session!

The HOB space is divided into 10 separate rooms each with a different theme from the refrigerator door entrance to the egg room, bacon slide, doughnut swing, and the ball pit to name a few! You need to see it in person,

Tickets are available through July 31st! TICKETS

Check out our founder Dylan Mazziotti interview them (Courtney & Jesse) for Your Cre8tivity! LINK

“Hall of Breakfast is an immersive pop-up experience, celebrating the most important meal of the day.”

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