PODCAST 021: “Comedian Shayne Smith”

For our 21st episode, we are joined by comedian SHAYNE SMITH, who was voted Best Alternative Comedian of 2016 by City Weekly!

With Shayne, Your Cre8tivity dives into how it all began in comedy for him and his struggles, staying focused and always working on your craft! We also get into the wacky and dark adventures that he has experienced through his podcast Freaky Geeks, which he co-hosts with the Noelle Cummings!

We also get into how important it is to have supportive and brutally honest friends! Don’t judge this kid by his cover, he gets deep!

Describe What You Do.

What’s THe Story Behind Your Tattoos?


A comedy podcast for deviants and nerds. Shayne and Noelle discuss all things geeky and also talk about things that are let’s be honest here, kind of freaky.

How do you stay creative? How do you work your way through writer’s block?
-Noelle Cummings (Freaky Geeks, co-host)

Favorite Muppet? Why?

Former Gang Member, current comedian, future famous comedian. Shayne Smith is the runner up in the Wiseguys’ 2015 Funniest Person In Utah competition, winner of the 2015 Salt City Comedy Superstar contest and most recently voted best Alternative Comedian of 2016 by City Weekly.

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